Doctor Always Telling You “Everything Looks Good?”

“Everything Looks Good”

Touching base today on something I hear almost daily, patients telling me that their doctor said, “Everything looks good.” Meaning, all your basic blood work labs are probably within range, and there’s nothing wrong with you. But, in reality, you have a certain set of symptoms that seem to be persisting and won’t go away. Fatigue? Brain fog? IBS? Symptoms are a sign, not something a pill should suppress. Your body is telling you something, and it’s time to take action!

A More Detailed Approach To Health & Wellness

I strive on reading labs from a perspective of a medical detective. It’s important to look at lifestyle, food and other ways we can be proactive to tackle what’s really going on. Also, figuring out which labs to look at can be critical. Oftentimes, a lot of advanced cardiac, blood sugar, gastrointestinal and thyroid labs seem to be overlooked or not tested. These are the real clues, and ways to find out the root cause.

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