Looking at Health from a Different View

The following is a post that I wanted to write because it encompasses a lot of what I do. As a naturopathic doctor, I consider myself a “specialist” in being a generalist. We are part of a society that puts so much emphasis in going to a specialist that sometimes we forget about all the basic tenants to health. Chronic diseases and preventive medicine seem to be the forgotten “specialties” in the conventional medical world. I’m excited to be part of this movement and will do my best to stay true to educating and empowering others to find what drives them out of bed every morning. In most cases, there are many factors that must be addressed however there are always two that I always seem to address first, stress and inflammation.

Stress can be a factor in almost all chronic illnesses, from headaches, digestive function and even heart disease. A substantial contributor to ageing can be hyper secretion of stress hormones (ie, cortisol), which can lead to decreased immune function. Thyroid and adrenal dysfunction can add yet another layer of symptoms.

Inflammation- “itis” is attached to almost every medical diagnosis. Again, identifying and treating the root cause of inflammation is paramount in reversing its process. You’d be surprised to see how various diagnoses such as ADHD or Fibromyalgia can be treated with the similar approaches.

I’m in the process of elaborating more on stress and inflammation; so stay tuned for future updates!

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